Quirky Preferences

Favorite novelist:  Henry James

Favorite poems:  Rimbaud’s “Bateau Ivre,” Ginsberg’s “Howl,” Blake’s “The Marriage of Heaven and Hell,” Christopher Smart’s “A Song to David,” The Song of Songs, Milton’s “Paradise Lost” (primarily the first two books)

Favorite living poet:  Patrick Donnelly

Favorite artists:  Grünewald, Botticelli, Van Gogh, the German Expressionists

Favorite ballet:  Jerome Robbins’s “Illuminations”

Favorite sea chantey:  “Shenandoah”

Favorite cathedral:  Chartres

Favorite activity:  hiking, writing

Favorite spring flower:  cursed buttercup

Favorite summer flower:  stinging nettle

Favorite mold:  scrambled-egg slime

Favorite graffito:  Jesus saves … but Moses invests.

Favorite peeves:  bubblegum, weenies, towels that say LOVE, foundations for the advancement of bliss, junk mail

Favorite greenmarket sign:  LOCALLY  GROAN

Favorite president:  Franklin Pierce

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