Wednesday, April 13, 2016

225½. Hitting Donald Trump with a Pie

     It’s the silly season, both nationally and personally.  Nationally, because of the election, and personally, because of two posts I just published on Tumblr to scant acclaim, since most Tumblr millennials (with exceptions) are too busy trekking the steppes of amorous desolation to work up a smile, much less a laugh.  But I can’t resist communicating a bit of my silliness to viewers of this blog.  Here are the posts:

         Six Suggestions for Living Dangerously

         (Recommended only to the brave of heart.)

1.    Have sex during an earthquake.

2.    Threaten to eat your landlord for breakfast.

3.    At a rally crammed with his supporters, hit Donald Trump in the face with a pie.  (Preferably meringue; it’s gooey.)

4.    Put a New Yorker under citizen’s arrest for jaywalking.

5.    Seduce someone great and powerful.

6.    Do your income tax yourself.

For these deeds, undertaken at great risk, you will be acclaimed.  (Viewers should feel free to add suggestions of their own.)

            Six Tips for Better Living

1.    Don’t strain at stool.
2.    Love your enemies (those bastards).
3.    Eat more fiber.
4.    Invest in the Next Big Thing.
5.    Brush your teeth (uppers and lowers).
6.    Above all, as our British friends would say, Keep your pecker up.

     So much for silliness.  I shall return to serious matters in the next post.

No Place for Normal: New York / Stories from the Most Exciting City in the World

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     Coming soon:  Kitty Genovese Remembered.

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