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Silas and Me at BookCon 2017.
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All my books, historical fiction and nonfiction, relate to the wild, crazy, maddening, and hugely creative city of New York.  It's the most exciting city in the world,  My books are about its people and its happenings, past and present.  All are available online as indicated, or from the author.  Here they are, fiction and then nonfiction, with the most recent titles first.  And for more on New York, see the other posts in my blog.  Also, see my interview with Colleen Chesebro; go here and scroll own.


4.  The Eye That Never Sleeps (Black Rose Writing, 2019).  The fourth title in my Metropolis series of historical novels set in nineteenth-century New York.  The story of the strangest friendship that ever was, involving a dapper young bank thief and the detective hired by the banks to apprehend him.  For readers who want a historical mystery or historical thriller.  Reviewers call it a page-turner that will hold you to the very end.

Hired by the city’s bankers to apprehend the thief who is plundering their banks, private detective Sheldon Minick develops a friendship with his chief suspect, Nicholas Hale, an elegant young man-about-town who is in every way the sober Methodist detective’s opposite. They agree to a truce and undertake each to show the other the city that he knows and values.  Further adventures follow, including a cancan, a gore-splattered slaughterhouse, and a brothel with leap-frogging whores.  But when the truce ends, the inevitable finale comes in the dark midnight vaults of a bank.

Not a standard detective story.  Sheldon Minick is scared of women, wears elevator heels, and loves to belt out Methodist hymns at church.  He is fascinated by Nicholas Hale, who is young, dapper, free-spending -- a risk-taker, deft with women, bisexual.

Available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


"What a remarkable novel!  Clifford Browder's The Eye That Never Sleeps is an exciting cat and mouse game between a detective and a bank thief that is simultaneously so much more.  A lively, earthy stylist with a penchant for using just the right word, Browder captures a city pullulating with energy.  I loved this book right down to its satisfying, poignant ending." --  Five-star Amazon review by Michael P. Hartnett, author.

"New York City in the mid nineteenth century is described in vivid detail. Both the decadent activities of the wealthy and the struggles of the common working class portray the life of the city."  --  Four-star NetGalley review by Nancy Long.

"A classically told detective novel that creates a web of intrigue, while giving the reader a tour of a bygone era of America through the filter of New York City."  --  Sublime Book Review.

"Fascinating!"  --  Five-star NetGalley review by Jan Tangen.

"The book is obviously well researched and lovingly written, and anyone with an interest in the city and the era will be rewarded by the pleasant prose and delightful details, right down to the sideburns on the main character’s face." -- 4.4 rating by IndieReader reviewer Colin Newton.

"Well written, flowing with a feeling for the time and the characters."  --  Five-star reader review by Bernt Nesje.

The Eye That Never Sleeps is certain to amaze and engage not just historical mystery fans, but anyone seeking an exciting new read.  --  Five-star Readers' Favorite review by K.C. Finn.

Available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

3.  Dark Knowledge (Anaphora Literary Press, 2018), the third novel in the Metropolis series.  Adult and young adult.  A fast-moving historical novel or thriller, and a coming-of-age story, about New York City and the slave trade, with the sights and sounds and smells of the waterfront.  Researched from primary sources whenever possible.  For readers who like well-researched historical fiction and a fast-moving plot, with a look at the horrors of the slave trade, and the cunning of those involved.

New York City, late 1860s.  When young Chris Harmony learns that members of his family may have been involved in the illegal pre-Civil War slave trade, he is appalled.  Determined to learn the truth, he begins an investigation that takes him into a dingy waterfront saloon, musty old maritime records that yield startling secrets, and elegant brownstone parlors that may have been furnished by the trade.  Since those once involved dread exposure, he meets denials and evasions, then threats, and a key witness is murdered.  What price must Chris pay to learn the painful truth and proclaim it?


"This was an excellent book. I really enjoyed reading about the history of the American illegal slave trade. I learned quite a bit about that horrid practice right along with the characters of the book....  Overall this novel is worth reading and I highly recommend it."  Review for Midwest Book Review by Nicole Williamson, retired librarian.

"A lively and entertaining tale.  The writing styles, plot, pace and character development were excellent."  Four-star LibraryThing early review by BridgitDavis.  

"I am glad that I have read this book as it goes into great detail and the presentation is amazing.  The Author obviously knows his stuff."  Four-star LibraryThing early review by Moiser20.

"Slavery is a hard topic to portray in a nuanced light. Browder does a commendable job at doing so by balancing out the characters' different opinions about the former slave trade, and the book never reads as apologetic literature."  US Review of Books review by Gabriella Tutino.

"Thoroughly enjoyed this historical book!  I recommend to read!  Facts accurate!"  Five-star Goodreads review by LisaMarie.

"I enjoyed reading Dark Knowledge and Clifford Browder definitely managed to recreate the vibe and feel of that era so that I could almost smell the salty sea air and feel myself transported to that period.  The characters are very well drawn.... Clifford Browder succeeds in highlighting the horrors of slavery through this book. This is great read!"  Five-star Readers' Favorite review by Gisela Dixon.

Available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

2.  Bill Hope: His Story (Anaphora Literary Press, 2017), the second novel in the Metropolis series.  New York City, 1870s: From his cell in the gloomy prison known as the Tombs, young Bill Hope spills out in a torrent of words the story of his career as a pickpocket and shoplifter; his prison adventures and forays into polite society; his death threats and possible involvement in a murder.  Driving him throughout is a fierce desire for better, a persistent and undying hope.

For readers who like historical fiction and a fast-moving story.


"A real yarn of a story about a lovable pickpocket who gets into trouble and has a great adventure.  A must read."  Five-star Amazon customer review by nicole w brown.

"This was a fu
n book.  The main character seemed like a cross between Huck Finn and a Charles Dickens character.  I would recommend this."  Four-star LibraryThing review by stephvin

"This book is a really good yarn of a story.  Bill Hope is a sweet rascal of a character who doesn't give up on people once he's invested in them.  I can't recommend this book enough."  Five-star Barnes & Noble customer review by ladynicolai.

Available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

1.  The Pleasuring of Men (Gival Press, 2011), the first novel in the Metropolis series, tells the story of a respectably raised young man who chooses to become a male prostitute in late 1860s New York and falls in love with his most difficult client.  

What was the gay scene like in nineteenth-century New York?  Gay historical romance, but women have read it and reviewed it.  (The cover illustration doesn't hurt.)


"At times amusing, gritty, heartfelt and a little sexy -- this would make a great summer read."  Four-star Amazon customer review by BobW.

"The novel is deftly drawn with rich descriptions, a rhythmic balance of action, dialogue, and exposition, and a nicely understated plot.  The Pleasuring of Men is both engaging and provocative."  Barnes & Noble editorial review by Sean Moran.

"The detail Browder brings to this glimpse into history is only equaled by his writing of credible and interesting characters.  Highly recommended."  Five-star Goodreads review by Nan Hawthorne.

"Amazing book and the story line kept me reading on and on. Will check out this author more! I loved the main character and how he grows up throughout the book."  Five-star Goodreads review by Kathy.

Available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


3.  New Yorkers: A Feisty People Who Will Unsettle, Madden, Amuse and Astonish You (BROWDERBOOKS, 2019).

The quirky memoir of a longtime resident who loves his crazy but vastly creative city, with a selective glance at that city's amazing history, and a host of weird and amusing facts, plus some grim ones, about New Yorkers and their city that will surprise visitors and residents alike.   

For anyone who loves New York, anyone who has visited or wants to visit it, and anyone who wants to know more about The City That Never Sleeps.  New York is the most exciting city in the world.  Everybody should know it, at least a little.  It's unique.


Available from Amazon.

2.  Fascinating New Yorkers: Power Freaks, Mobsters, Liberated Women, Creators, Queers and Crazies (Black Rose Writing, 2018). 

2019 International Book Awards Finalist in the category Biography.

A collection of posts from my blog.  Short biographical sketches of people, some remembered and some forgotten, who lived or died in New York.  A cardinal archbishop known in certain circles as "Franny"; a serial killer who terrorized the city; a pioneer in female erotica who had two husbands and kept a "lie box" to keep her two lives straight; and many more.  New York is a mecca for hustlers of every kind, some endearing and some scary, but they are never boring.

Historical biography, U.S. biography, New York.  An award-winning finalist in the Biography category of the 2019 International Book Awards.  For readers who like biography told sometimes with a light touch and a dash of irreverence, and sometimes with a steady look at horrors.

Fascinating NYers eimage.jpg


"Fascinating New Yorkers by Clifford Browder was like sitting down with a dear friend and catching up on the latest gossip and stories. Written with a flair to keep the reader turning the pages, I couldn't stop reading it and thinking about the subjects of each New Yorker. I love NYC and this book just added to the list of reasons why, a must read for those who love NYC and the people who have lived there." Five-star NetGalley review by Patty Ramirez, librarian.

"Unputdownable."  Five-star reader review by Dipali Sen, retired librarian.

"I felt like I was gossiping with a friend when reading this, as the author wrote about New Yorkers who are unique in one way or another. I am hoping for another book featuring more New Yorkers, as I couldn't put this down and read it in one sitting!"  Five-star NetGalley review by Cristie Underwood.

"Fascinating New Yorkers is a pleasure to read and I look forward to reading more works by this author." Five-star Reader Views review by Paige Lovitt. 

"The writing is fresh and engaging....  Each biography essentially chronicles the rise and fall of its subject matter and divulges a juicy secret or two.  There's something for everyone here in this collection of profiles, and it serves as a source of inspiration for readers who love NYC."  US Review of Books review by Gabriella Tutino.

Available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

1.  No Place for Normal: New York / Stories from the Most Exciting City in the World (Mill City Press, 2015).  Winner of the Tenth Annual National Indie Excellence Award for Regional Non-Fiction; first place in the Travel category of the 2015-2016 Reader Views Literary Awards; and Honorable Mention in the Culture category of the Eric Hoffer Book Awards for 2016.  All about anything and everything New York: alcoholics, abortionists, greenmarkets, Occupy Wall Street, the Gay Pride Parade, my mugging in Central Park, peyote visions, and an artist who made art of a blackened human toe.  It sold well at BookCon 2017 and 2018, and at the Brooklyn Book Festival 2018.

A fun book, a mix of memoir, history, and travel book all rolled into one.  If you love the city (or hate it), this may be the book for you.  


"If you want wonderful inside tales about New York, this is the book for you.  Cliff Browder has a way with his writing that makes the city I lived in for 40 plus years come alive in a new and delightful way.  A refreshing view on NYC that will not disappoint."  Five-star Amazon customer review by Bill L.

"To read No Place for Normal: New York is to enter into Cliff Browder’s rich and engaging sixty years of adult life in New York. Yes, he delves back before his time – from the city’s origins to the 19th Century that Ms. Trollope and Mr. Dickens encounter to robber barons and slums that marked highs and lows of the earlier Twentieth Century.  But Browder has lived such an engaged and curious life that he can’t help but cross paths with every layer and period of society. There is something Whitmanesque in his outlook."  Five-star Amazon customer review by Michael P. Hartnett, author.

“I thoroughly enjoyed 'No Place for Normal: New York' by Clifford Browder and highly recommend it to all fans of entertaining short stories and lovers of New York City.  It would also make an interesting travel guide for people who just want to learn more about the city that never sleeps!”  Reader Views Literary Awards review by Sheri Hoyte.

Available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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